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When you register an account with BrilliantContent, we set up a client portal for you.

We also keep the information about your company in our database, so that the next time you order content, we already know the important parts of your business.

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Once you have registered an account, you will be redirected to a page where you can place your order.

We make the process simple and guide you through the form by asking important questions about the content that you would like us to create.

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Once you have filled in your content details, you will review your order in our shopping cart.

You can proceed with your order by making a payment using your credit card.

And you can rest assured knowing that our shopping carts are SSL-secured and that all of your information is 100% safe.

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As soon as you place your order, we assign a writer who specializes in your industry.

We will send you an email with your completed content order within 5 business days.

At that point, you can review your content and either approve the order or request changes.

"What we like the best about BrilliantContent is how easy they make everything. It only takes a few minutes to order our blog posts and we receive them a few days later. It's like clockwork! "

– Nathan Riley, Riley Photography Studio

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